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Why LingoDeer teaches best among apps
Expert curriculum
Crafted by language teachers, our grammar-based curriculum will help you gain a deep understanding of your chosen language with no extra effort.
Detailed explanations
LingoDeer understands the unique complexity of your chosen language. No more figuring out. Here, you will learn with clarity and context.
HD audio
Learn with lessons voiced by native speakers from the beginning. Don’t let robotic TTS audio compromised your listening and speaking skills.
Retain everything you learn
Built-in Flashcards: a flashcard function is conveniently built into the app to help you review words and phrases. With this feature, you don't have to manually create flashcards anymore!
Target trainings: questions you got wrong before are collected and available for you to review at any time. Pick a focus, vocabulary or grammar, and start practicing.
Knowledge Cards: review key grammatical concepts with these downloadable cards. You can save it in your phone or even print them out.
A fully customisable experience
LingoDeer gives you the choices to build a routine and environment that works for you. Pick a background colour, a type of script or the voice of the narrator. We know every learning experience is unique.
Speaking with engaging stories
A Story introduces interesting cultural facts while teaching new words and expressions. Test reading and speaking skills here and have fun challenging other learners in the community.
More Powerful Functionalities
Take lessons offline
Going on a plane? Trying to save data? Download everything with one click.
Cross-device usage
Synchronise your progress across your tablet, phone and laptop.
Detailed grammar notes
Learn with contexts. No more figuring out and feeling clueless.
Silent study mode
Learn without sound in lectures or meetings.
Quizzes and tests
Challenge yourself and review everything by taking timed quizzes.
Study reminders
Tell LingoDeer when to remind you to study. It won't miss a day!
Alternative voices
Learn with the voice your prefer.(Limited to certain courses)
Challenge a friend
Study is more exciting with your friends. Add them on LingoDeer!
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